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Our Impact

Our services are carefully designed to allow us to be a friend and a partner to the hundreds of individuals, children, and families in Brevard County who are experiencing hunger or homelessness. Our partnership is aimed at helping these vulnerable individuals break away from food-insufficiency and move forward out of homelessness.


Daily Bread, while founded as a “soup kitchen” in 1987. Now, we do so much more:

  • Provide more than 200 warm, nutritious, and professionally prepared meals each day to hungry and/or homeless people

  • Help 100 people experiencing homelessness find a pathway home each year

  • Assist 3 individuals with job searches and job placement each month

  • Distribute 1,600,000 pounds of food across Brevard County each year

  • Ensure that more than 1,000 people get access to on-site healthcare each year.

  • Provide showers and clean clothes to nearly 70 individuals without a home or hot water each day

  • Help dozens of our homeless neighbors restore their identification and establish residency each week.

​Beyond the numbers, we change lives. We empower – not enable – individuals to overcome obstacles preventing them from moving forward ultimately into stable housing and integration in our community. Most of all, we ensure NO ONE faces hunger or homelessness alone.

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