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Ensuring no one faces hunger or homelessness alone

Fresh Start

At Daily Bread we are partners on the journey out of homelessness. As a partner, our programs help address many of the issues that impact people experiencing homelessness. For our homeless neighbors, it is important for many reasons, including health and self-esteem, that they maintain cleanliness. Cleanliness helps prevent infection/disease and improves one’s spirits and state of mind. To help prevent disease 

and improve our neighbors’ self-esteem, allowing them a fresh start to their day, we provide:

  • Hot Showers

  • Fresh clean clothes

  • Toiletries

  • Clean blankets, mats, and sleeping bags

  • Clean shoes and socks

Transitional Support

Transitioning from living on the streets or in the woods to stable housing can be a challenging path with many roadblocks. As a partner on the journey, we provide transitional support services aimed at assisting our clients find a pathway home and eliminate many of the roadblocks along the way. Often times, our clients find themselves without proper identification to secure a job or other support services. Or, some have a friend or family member willing to welcome them into their home out of state but they don’t have the means to get there. We remove those barriers and assist with much more.


Our transitional support services include:


  • Assistance obtaining identification and/or birth certificate

  • Transportation assistance for reuniting our homeless neighbors with their family or friends for housing

  • Serve as an address for resumes and job applications, and as a mail stop to receive mail

  • Provide local transportation support such as bikes and bus passes

We believe in empowering our hungry and/or homeless neighbors rather than enabling them. Our clients have many opportunities to volunteer at Daily Bread, sharing what they have to offer, and adding their “sweat-equity” as we seek to find a solution to their challenges together.


In accordance with CDC recommendations in response to the Coronavirus: Meals are being served "to-go" from 11:00 am - 12:30 pm daily until further notice.

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