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Dining Hall

Food. A basic need. Yet so many in our community go to bed at night hungry. That is why at Daily Bread we work to ensure that no one in Brevard County faces hunger alone. Many of our clients are low-to-no income and if they have housing, they tend to live in food deserts with no access to healthy and nutritious foods. Or, if they are among the millions of working poor in our country, they make the tough decision to pay the utility bill instead of buying food. And, if they live on the streets, they have no means of preparing healthy warm meals. The core of our mission is food and meal services. Our food program has grown to provide more than 80,000 meals and 1M pounds of food to the hungry and homeless of Brevard County each year.

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Daily Meal

Each day, more than 200 hot and nutritious meals are served in our dining facility between 11:00am – 1:00pm. Our daily meals meet FDA regulations, are expertly prepared in our state-of-the-art kitchen and exceed the expectations of our health department. We also provide our homeless neighbors with a warm cup of coffee starting at 7:30 am and daily devotional.

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Dignity Dining​

Holidays can be a particularly challenging time for our neighbors who are struggling with food-insufficiency or homelessness. We offer “Dignity Dining” on four key holidays: Easter, July 4, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Thanks to generous donations and hundreds of volunteer hours, our neighbors are treated to a decorated dining facility with tablecloths and five star service! While we treat our neighbors with dignity every day, on Dignity Dining Days, our neighbors are seated and served just as if they were in a restaurant.

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Food Distribution​

In addition to serving more than 80,000 hot meals a year, we distribute close to a million pounds of food within Brevard County through partnerships with over 25 local food pantries, ensuring that NO ONE faces hunger alone. 

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