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We are more than a “soup kitchen.” Daily Bread ensures that no one in Brevard County faces hunger or homelessness alone. We have -for more than 30 years – empowered, supported, and assisted those confronting financial challenges to become self-sufficient. We do not provide a “hand-out”, rather we offer a “hand -up.” Feeding the hungry and the homeless is an important part of what we do but is not all that we do. We help individuals – through a comprehensive array of programs and services – navigate their way to self-sufficiency.

Our story began when Diane Hayward, a math and science teacher, and her husband Bob, a program director at Harris Corporation had a vision to ensure that none of their neighbors go hungry or without food. That vision evolved into Daily Bread and we opened our dining facility on January 25, 1988. Located at 412 East New Haven Ave, in downtown Melbourne, in a small red and white house they had the goal of feeding up to 100 people a hot meal between the hours of 11:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.  Daily Bread’s first day’s menu: Chili, bread and coffee. Fourteen individuals were fed on the first day.

Today, anywhere between 220 – 275 hungry and/or homeless neighbors are provided a warm nutritious meal each day. More than just a “soup kitchen,” more than 1,000 individuals in need receive healthcare, case management, employment, transitional, and social support services. Our programs and services do not enable…they empower. We empower individuals to become self-sufficient.

Our five-pillared program was created based on best practices and has been documented to improve health, social, and financial outcomes of the hungry, homeless, and working poor. The elements of our program are:

  1. Food & Meal Services

  2. Best Foot Forward & Way-UP Employment & Re-Entry Services

  3. Fresh Start Hygiene Support

  4. Case Management & Social Connectedness

  5. Healthcare Services

Daily Bread Founder - Diane Hayward - Serving one of the more than 2 million meals we have served to those in need since 1988


In accordance with CDC recommendations in response to the Coronavirus: Meals are being served "to-go" from 11:00 am - 12:30 pm daily until further notice.

Daily Bread
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Melbourne, Florida 32901


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