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If you’ve ever experienced hard times that led to hunger or homelessness, you know the journey to self-sufficiency is scary and it can be lonely if you do not have social supports. Daily Bread IS that social support to our neighbors who are struggling to get back on their feet. We offer a comprehensive range of programs and services for individuals and families aimed at eliminating roadblocks to self-sufficiency and while we do not charge those who need us, our programs and services are not without cost and that is why your financial donation is SO IMPORTANT to our mission.


To make a financial contribution, click here.

Here’s how your contribution helps…
Your gift of $25 feeds one hungry person for an entire week.
Your gift of $50 provides clean clothes and shoes for 10 homeless and/or unemployed individuals.
Your gift of $100 allows for 10 homeless individuals to have access to a hot shower and grooming supplies.
Your gift of $250 feeds 2 families of 5 for an entire week.
Your gift of $500 provides social support and case management to 10 individuals
Your gift of $1,000 means that for one full month, TEN people will not have to worry about where their next meal will come from.

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