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Become a S.M.A.R.T Landlord


Our housing case managers provide direct support for a positive landlord/tenant relationship. Landlords support this community by offering affordable housing options, with revised screening criteria to accept tenants with high barriers to permanent housing.

Heart & Hands


Save your time and money marketing your units by receiving a steady stream of free referrals to fill your vacancies. Daily Bread connects landlords to tenants who are ready to move in. It is important to note that each landlord/owner can decide their own standards for accepting tenants. 


We assist landlords with navigating the paperwork and processes for accepting Section 8 tenants. We also assist tenants with movie-in costs when needed

Reduced Risk 

In the event that a tenant is not a good fit post move-in, we work with the tenant in finding other suitable housing. In the rare event we are not successful, we can assist the landlord with financial assistance towards eviction and repair cost. 


Fill vacant rental units with tenants who are motivated to succeed with the proper supports that the Daily Bread can provide. Try us today!

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