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Our Team

Daily Bread is led by a team of dedicated professionals committed to ensuring that no one in Brevard County faces hunger or homelessness alone. Collectively, our team brings more than a century of experience in the non-profit sector, serving the food-insufficient and homeless who come to Daily Bread. Guided by a passionate board of directors, our team works to implement the organization’s strategic plan.


Executive Director

Jeffrey Njus, ThD

Dr. Jeffrey Njus (pictured with Bridget, DB housing success ambassador), provides overall direction to the dynamic network of people and programs at Daily Bread, working with our active Board of Directors, our professional staff, and caring volunteers to ensure that no one in our area faces hunger or homelessness alone. Jeff explains, “Daily Bread is a special place where people come together; people who are hungry and people who are hungry to share, people who are facing the challenge of homelessness and people who want our community to be a better home for all of us. This beautiful coming together in love to help any neighbor face the challenges of life inspires me every day!” Dr. Njus brings to his leadership a compassionate respect for the dignity of every person, an admiration for the resilience of people facing difficult challenges, and the joy that comes from serving together.

Critical Transitions Team

The members of the Critical Transitions Team are homeless service professionals who are experts at finding pathways home for people in our community who are experiencing homelessness. The transition from living outside to living inside is a challenging one and our team helps find the right solution to each person’s homeless circumstance by working with community partners, connecting to necessary resources and letting the clients they serve take the lead to find success in stable housing.

Fresh Start Team

The Fresh Start Team is at Daily Bread every day of the week to assist people experiencing homelessness in getting a fresh start on moving forward in their lives. This team of compassionate professionals works with people living on the streets or in the woods in our community to ensure what they need to move forward, whatever that means for each person depending on their circumstances and goals. They might help with identification documents, acquiring a phone, or reconnecting with family, all with a caring presence and respect for the perseverance of the people they serve.


Community Kitchen Team

Our team in the kitchen provide a nutritious and delicious meal to an average of 150 hungry neighbors daily! This dedicated staff, with the help of volunteers, create a clean and respectable environment for everyone to enjoy and produce each meal to include all the major food groups!  

2023_DB Warehouse Fans.jpg

Warehouse Distribution Team

Jeff Hall 

Our team at the Daily Bread Warehouse, led by Jeff Hall, collects and distributes tons of food every year for hungry families in the wider community. Food of all kinds is collected from area grocery stores and restaurants and then distributed through an extensive network of food banks at area agencies and churches. The dedicated members of the food distribution team expand the reach of Daily Bread’s impact throughout our community, ensuring that every family can put food on their table.


Office Management

Betsy McCollough 

Claudia - DB pic.JPG

Director of Volunteer and Donor Relations

Claudia Devitt

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