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Employment Services

We realize the path forward is not an easy one and one that begins with steady employment. Many of our neighbors face immeasurable odds and significant barriers to finding employment - from lack of an address, resume writing skills, lack of clean clothes to wear to an interview, and/or transportation. In addition, some of our clients struggle with accessing job boards and preparing to answer questions in an interview. We want our clients to be able to put their “best foot forward” and overcome these barriers.


Our Employment Program includes 1:1 counseling with a career coach and access to a computer to search for jobs. Some of the services our coach provides include:

  • Assistance with resume writing and printing

  • Mock interviews

  • Job search support based on skills and abilities

  • Application follow-up

Once our clients secure a job, we help them with budgeting and financial literacy to assist them with establishing a checking and savings account.

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